Data Download

In this section Data Download is available from all the network stations.

The download is availble using the following builder:

Click here to go to the data select builder.

Notice: In order to access the data builder you must first connect to the Erasmus SNAC VPN Network. VPN connecion is available only for the project participants and the setup information has been sent by email.

Data Download Instructions: Select the Start/End Time of the data you are looking for, enter the station name (for example SNOA or R4BE2) and click at the link at the end of the page. You will be asked to save a file locally in your computer. The default filename is ‘fdsnws.mseed’. Rename it to reflect the station name and the date. Repeat the same procedure for all the stations needed. All these files can be opened and processed by Swarm (File -> Open File).